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Boost city natural gas pressure as high as 275 psi to replace cylinder fuels for oxy-fuel torches, burners, and other gas equipment

G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Boosters are compact, quiet, economical and easy to install right in the area where you use high pressure natural gas

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Torch Boosters

Torch Boosters replace cylinders by connecting to your building's utility natural gas pipe and boosting pressure for direct supply to torches, manifolds, burners and other gas equipment, as gas is used. Torch Boosters automatically adjust to changing gas demand during the day, there are no storage tanks to fill and they are ready for service as soon as they are turned on.

Standard Duty Torch Boosters

For applications where the duty cycle is up to 16 hours a day, working pressure is below 45 psi and ambient temperature is generally below 90F.

Heavy Duty Torch Boosters

For applications where the duty cycle is up to 24 hours, working pressure exceeds 60 psi, ambient temperature regularly exceeds 90F or process is "mission critical"

All Standard Duty Torch Boosters

TB-15 / TB-30 - 25 psi, up to 40 cfh

TB-60 / TB-125 - 25 psi, up to 125 cfh

TB-250 / TB-500 - 45 psi, up to 500 cfh

All Heavy Duty Torch Boosters

TB-125C - up to 60 psi, 125 cfh

TB-250C - up to 60 psi, 250 cfh

TB-250H - up to 150 psi, 250 cfh

TB-500C - up to 60 psi, 500 cfh

TB-HVOF - up to 150 psi, 500 cfh

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Refuelers, Cylinders and Manifolds

Refuelers connect to your building's standard low pressure natural gas service and let you fill portable G-TEC Adsorbed natural Gas Cylinders up to 275 psi to make natural gas portable in the shop or on the road.

All Refuelers, Cylinders and Manifolds

Refueler 60 - fill  Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders to 275 psi at a rate of 60 cfh

Refueler 180 - fill Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders to 275 psi at a rate of 180 cfh

DM-60 - fill Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders at 60 cfh or directly fuel torches up to 25 psi at 60 cfh

Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders - store 130 cubic feet of natural gas at 275 psi

Never M-T System - for scientific glass blowing and other applications with "peaky" gas flow requirements

Single Cylinder Manifolds - connect one Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinder to a Refueler 60 or Refueler 180

Multi Cylinder Manifolds - connect up to four Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders to a G-TEC Refueler

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Industrial Applications For High Pressure Natural Gas

We frequently are asked, "Can I use natural gas and a G-TEC System to do.....?" If your application falls within our capabilities for pressure and flow volume then usually the answer is, "Yes, you can!" Call G-TEC at 716-831-9695 to discuss using natural gas in your application.

Here are some of our most common applications:

If you don't see your application click here for additional ways to use high pressure natural gas with G-TEC Pressure Boosters.

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Artistic Applications for High Pressure Natural Gas

High pressure natural gas is an excellent fuel for jewelry manufacturing, glass lampworking, hot glass and more. G-TEC Torch Boosters are even safe enough, and approved, for use in home studios.

Jewelry Manufacturing

Glass Lampworking

Hot Glass

Click here if you are a jeweler in New York City. G-TEC Torch Boosters are Approved by the Department of Buildings and the NY City Fire Department but local rules must be followed.

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G-TEC sells natural gas tips for flame cutting, brazing and pre/post weld heating

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Purchase A G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster

We sell and ship around the world from Buffalo, NY. Prices vary by ship-to location - click here to see purchase options, what is in the box, accessory equipment and to request a price quote.

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How To Install Your G-TEC Pressure Booster

Here is a general overview of how to install your Torch Booster or Refueler. Be sure to read the Manual that is shipped with your G-TEC system for complete installation details.

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Troubleshooting Flowcharts

If your G-TEC system is having a problem, making a strange noise, difficulty starting or something else these flowcharts will guide you step-by-step to identify the cause and explain how to get your system back up and running quickly.


Click here to go to the Troubleshooting Flowcharts 

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Approvals and Certifications

G-TEC Pressure Boosters are approved for installation everywhere, even in buildings where cylinders of acetylene, propane and other fuels are prohibited. Over more than 30 years Fire Marshals, Building Inspectors and similar safety officials have never denied installation of a G-TEC system in any building in North America.

Information about Certification by CSA International

Information about CE Compliance for systems sold in Europe

Information about Approval by the Massachusetts Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters

Information about Approval by the New York City Fire Department

Information about Approval for installation in the Los Angeles Jewelry District 

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Contact G-TEC for more information

Call G-TEC at 716-831-9695

Email G-TEC at

All G-TEC contacts

G-TEC Torch Boosters and Refuelers are sold around the world

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