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G-TEC Heavy Duty Natural Gas Torch Boosters

Refuelers fill G-TEC cylinders with natural gas at 275 psi

Natural Gas Cylinders hold 130 cubic feet of natural gas at 275 psi

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Torch Applications work better with high pressure natural gas

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Heavy Duty Natural Gas Torch Boosters for challenging operating environments

When Torch Boosters are used in an environment where ambient temperature is consistently above 90F/32C, where the duty cycle is more than 16 hours per day or where the application requires pressure greater than 60 psi a Heavy Duty Natural Gas Torch Booster is recommended. Heavy Duty Torch Boosters add a Cooler Module to the Standard Duty Torch Booster that keeps the compressor temperature low, extends system lifespan and eliminates the 3 hour cool-down cycle that is common when a Standard Duty system is turned off.

Does your application require 100% uptime?

Customers located in parts of the country where electrical storms cause momentary power interruptions should consider a Heavy Duty Torch Booster because once turned off a Standard Duty Torch Booster begins a 3-hour cool-down cycle and will not restart until the cycle is complete. The Cooler Module removes residual heat from the Booster and eliminates the cool-down cycle. Heavy Duty Torch Boosters will restart as soon as power is restored.

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G-TEC manufactures compact natural gas compresssors.
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