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Natural gas Torch Booster for jewelry manufacturing
Natural gas Torch Boosters for jewelry manufacturing

TB-15 Torch Boosters for 1 or 2 small bench torches

TB-30 Torch Boosters for 3 or 4 bench torches or occasional casting

TB-60 Torch Boosters for up to 6 bench torches and regular casting

TB-125 Torch Boosters for up to 12 bench torches and casting

TB-250/TB-500 Torch Boosters for up 24 and 60 bench torches and casting

Note: Torch Booster capacities are for the number torches in simultaneous use. Outside of New York City there is no limit on the number of torches connected to a unit. Click here to see torch connection limits for Torch Boosters installed in New York City.

Natural gas pressure boosters for jewelry manufacturing
Advantages of natural gas torch boosters for jewelry manufacturing
How to install a G-TEC Natural gas Torch Booster
Teach jewelry manufacturing with a natural gas Torch Booster
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