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Natural gas pressure boosters for glass lampworking

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Elizabeth Johnson

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TB-15 Torch Boosters for minor torches

TB-30 Torch Boosters for mid-range torches

TB-60 Torch Boosters for major torches or up to 6 minor torches

TB-125 Torch Boosters for Delta class torches and hot glass applications

TB-250/TB-500 Torch Boosters for artists using Delta Mag/Cobra, CC+ or similar torches and schools with large glass programs

Boost city gas pressure to 5 psi and more, cleaner flame and lower cost with a G-TEC Natural Gas Torch Booster

TB-30 Torch Booster for Glass Lampwork

Purchase a G-TEC Torch Booster or Refueler

Never MT natural gas pressure booster for scientific glassblowers

Never M-T Systems are the best choice for Scientific Glassblowers

G-TEC natural gas pressure boosters for schools, colleges and community art centers

If you teach glass lampworking or glass blowing in a high school, college, museum of community art center learn more about the benefits of a G-TEC system for your program

Learn about the advantages of high pressure natural gas for glass lampworking

Natural gas torch boosters are best for glass lampwork.

G-TEC Torch Boosters and Refuelers are approved for installation everywhere, including your home studio.

How to install a G-TEC system

How to install a G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster
Contact G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

Contact G-TEC at 716-831-9695 or email at

G-TEC manufactures compact natural gas compressors.
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