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Replace acetylene and propane with a G-TEC CNatural Gas Torch Booster

Torch Boosters supply high pressure gas directly to torches and burners

Refuelers let you fill G-TEC cylinders with high pressure natural gas

Natural Gas Cylinders hold 130 cubic feet of natural gas at 275 psi

Purchase a G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster

How To Install your G-TEC  System

Contact G-TEC if you have questions

High pressure natural gas improves any torch or burner application

No matter how you use it high pressure natural gas and a G-TEC Pressure Booster have four important benefits

Save money - for equal heat value natural gas is up to 90% cheaper than acetylene, propane, propylene or any other fuel gas

Better quality work - whether you cut plate steel, braze copper pipe, shrink wrap pallets, glaze ham or anything else with a torch or a burner, natural gas does the job

Be more productive - no time wasted changing fuel gas cylinders and never run out of gas!

Make your workplace safer - get cylinders of propane or acetylene out of the building and bulk tanks off of your property

How can you use high pressure natural gas?

We frequently are asked, "Can I use natural gas and a G-TEC System to do.....?" If your application falls within our capabilities for pressure and flow volume then usually the answer is, "Yes, you can!" Call G-TEC at 716-831-9695 to discuss using natural gas in your application.

Here are some of our most common applications:

If you don't see your application here contact G-TEC and tell us about your pressure and gas flow volume requirements. We can design a G-TEC solution that to provide the high pressure natural gas service you need.

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G-TEC manufactures compact natural gas compressors.
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