TB-15 TB-30 Torch Boosters

TB-15 and TB-30 Pressure Boosters raise gas pressure to 25 psi and provide flow at either 15 cf/hr or 40 cf/hr.

Both systems are compact and measure 12” by 12” on the front panel and only 16” deep; weight is about 50 lbs. They can be installed “anywhere” indoors without special site preparation. They are quiet and can be placed right in your work area.

A Pressure Booster is easy to use...just turn it on and get all the gas you need. When you are not using high pressure gas the Pressure Booster automatically goes into recirculation mode. They are designed to be left running for short periods when gas is not being used and do not require operator attention as gas usage is started and stopped.

The system includes a flexible 5’ hose for connection to the gas pipe and a shutoff valve. Customers may also purchase a regulator to set gas outlet pressure between 1-25 psi.

TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters are Certified by CSA International and are welcomed in buildings that prohibit gases in cylinders, such as acetylene and propane.

Both Torch Boosters need a gas supply pipe with less than 1 psi pressure and at least 1/2” diameter. Power requirement is 120V 15 amp.

TB-15 and TB-30 Pressure Boosters are compact,

quiet and  can be installed in your work area

without special site preparation.

An important advantage of a TB-15 or TB-30 Pressure Booster is that it can be installed right in the area where high pressure natural gas will be used. Just connect to a low pressure natural gas pipe already in your building and make high pressure natural gas readily available.

Many natural gas compressors must be installed outdoors with lengthy piping required to bring high pressure gas service to the point where it is used. A G-TEC installation is simple and less expensive.

G-TEC systems also do not require special ventilation or other expensive site preparation to be installed in a normal working environment. TB-15 and TB-30 Pressure Boosters are quiet and will fit right into your workspace.

A G-TEC Pressure Booster can be 50% less expensive to purchase and install compared to other high pressure natural gas compressors because the equipment itself costs less and installation is not as complex as an outdoor compressor requires.

There is no expensive administrative time to secure permits, no special safety or environmental site requirements. Maintenance is simple to perform and parts are not expensive. Training required for operation and maintenance is minimal.

G-TEC Pressure Boosters connect to a low pressure natural gas pipe that is already in your building and boost pressure to 25 psi.

The system comes with a 5’ flexible hose and shut off valve that your plumber attaches to the existing gas pipe and that screws onto the Pressure Booster at the other end. Now you’re connected!

On the high pressure outlet many G-TEC users will install a regulator to set pressure between 1-25 psi or the system can be connected to a downstream process at the full output pressure of 25 psi.

A 5 foot flexible hose is included with the  Pressure Booster to connect to the low pressure natural gas pipe.

A regulator can be added to adjust output pressure between 1-25.

Find out more about how G-TEC TB-15 and TB-30 Pressure Boosters can support your fuel cell research and development projects. Contact Ed Howard at 1-800-451-8294 in North America, CC+1-716-831-9695 internationally or send an e-mail

Limited Pressure Booster customization is available for supply gas pressure, output pressure and flow volume. Contact G-TEC with your specific requirements and let us help select the right system for your work.

TB-60 / TB-125

Pressure Boosters

for pressure up to      25 psi and flow up to 125 scfh

Simple indoor installation without special site preparation

Contact G-TEC to learn more about TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters

TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters are significantly less expensive than other compressors

Easy, simple installation...almost anywhere!

TB-15 and TB-30 Torch Boosters are easy to install without complex permitting issues

TB-15/TB-30 Pressure Boosters are Certified By CSA-International

CSA International is accredited in the United States by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), and in Canada by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

Across North America the CSA label on the G-TEC Pressure Booster is sufficient for approval by building inspectors, fire marshals and other authorities.

G-TEC Pressure Boosters are even welcomed in buildings that prohibit fuel gases like propane that are stored in cylinders or bulk tanks.

TB-250/TB-500 Torch Boosters

TB-250 / TB-500

Pressure Boosters

for pressure up to 45 psi  and flow up to 500 scfh

Heavy Duty Pressure Boosters

For 24 hour operation, pressure up to 150 psi and flow up to 500 scfh.

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TB-60/TB-125 Torch Boosters Certified by CSA International, an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

Whatever your pressure and flow requirement there is a G-TEC Torch Booster to meet your requirements!