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Torch Boosters raise gas pressure as high as 150 psi at 500 cfh fo direct supply to torches, shop manifolds cutting tables and other gas equipment. Find the right Torch Booster for your shop!

Refuelers let customers fill their

own cylinders with high pressure

natural gas for portability. Get information about Refueler 60 and Refueler 180 systems!

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- we sell and ship around the world from Buffalo, New York. Click here for system descriptions and options!

Fill natural gas cylinders with a G-TEC Refueler Flame cut 27 inch thick steel with high-pressure natural gas

G-TEC Pressure Boosters are

approved for installation everywhere. Click here for more information.

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Get an overview of how to install a G-TEC Pressure Booster.

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G-TEC Gas Boosters are shipped around the world Flame cutting non-ferrous metal with high-pressure natural gas

Common applications for high-pressure natural gas include flame cutting, brazing, heating, thermal spray, shrink wrap - even glazed hams! Learn more about the advantages of using natural gas in your torch!

Certified by CSA in the United States CE Compliant for installation in EU countries Certified by CSA in Canada

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Cut steel plate with high pressure natural gas

G-TEC sells Natural Gas Tips for flame cutting, brazing and pre/post weld heating. Learn why G-TEC tips are the right choice for your natural gas torch.

Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders store 130 cubic feet of natural gas at only 275 psi. Learn more!