Belchfire Mono Torch

Performs well with natural gas pressure from 5 to 30 psi

5 to 15 psi - 197,000 to 317,000 BTU per hour

Select either TB-250 or TB-500 Torch Booster

20 to 30 psi - 339,000 to 449,000 BTU per hour

Select TB-500 Torch Booster

Plenty of heat when you use high pressure natural gas with your

Belchfire Torch

Natural gas costs up to 75% less than propane or propylene for equal BTUs

Natural gas has no withdrawal problems at high flow rates and eliminates valve icing problems

Never change cylinders and never run out of gas with a G-TEC Torch Booster

Choose the right G-TEC Torch Booster for your heating requirements

Belchfire Model C Natural Gas Compressed Air Torch

This Belchfire torch requires a G-TEC TB-500 Torch Booster. Highest heat, 597,000 BTU per hour, is produced when natural gas pressure is set at 15 psi and compressed air pressure is 50 psi. More detailed information about heat output at various gas and air pressures is on our desktop website, here.

Each burner on the Belchfire Tube Burner is 40,000 BTU/hour

TB-125 Torch Booster is the right choice for up to 3 burners

TB-250 Torch Booster is the right choice for up to 8 burners

TB-500 Torch Booster is the right choice for up to 15 burners

Belchfire Tube Burner

Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for you!


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