Heavy Duty

Torch Boosters

When Torch Boosters are used in an environment where ambient temperature is consistently above 90F / 32C, where the duty cycle is more than 16 hours per day, where the application requires outlet pressure of 45  -150 psi or where downtime is very expensive, a Heavy Duty Torch Booster is recommended.

Heavy Duty Torch Boosters add a Compressor Cooler Module that keeps the compressor temperature low, extends system life span and eliminates the 3 hour cool down cycle that is common with Standard Duty units.

C Series Heavy Duty Torch Boosters are for applications where gas pressure is between 45-60 psi, the unit will be located in a place where ambient temperature is consistently above 90F / 32C or the working duty cycle is 16 to 24 hours every day.

The Compressor Cooler Module is connected to the Torch Booster with 5’ flexible hoses. Power is provided by the Torch Booster - power and compressor controls on the Torch Booster operate both units. The Cooler Module can be stacked on top of the Torch Booster module if footprint space is tight.

Photo shows TB-500C connections. TB-250C and TB-125C Torch Boosters have a single pair of connection hoses and the Cooler Module cabinet is smaller.

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