High pressure natural gas for XRF fusion sample preparation

A G-TEC TB-125 Torch Booster connects to your utility natural gas pipe and boosts pressure to 25 psi - use the regulator included with your Fluxer to set pressure to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Easy to use - Turn the Torch Booster on when you are ready to prepare sample disks and off when your task is complete. TB-125 Torch Booster automatically adjusts to the amount of natural gas your system uses without operator attention. Torch Boosters are compact, quiet and fit right into your laboratory workspace.

Certified by CSA International - G-TEC Torch Boosters are Certified for performance, reliability and safety by CSA International, an OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. Click here for more information.

Why is a G-TEC Torch Booster safer than a propane tank ?

G-TEC Torch Boosters are welcomed in buildings that prohibit propane cylinders!

A tank of propane holds a lot of stored energy - a 20 lb BBQ tank is like having a pile of 431,800 wooden kitchen matches in your laboratory! While propane tanks are safe most of the time, if there is an accident or fire then a propane tank makes things worse, quickly. This is why propane tanks are often prohibited from commercial and residential buildings.

By contrast a G-TEC system never has more than 1 cubic foot of gas in it at any time….a G-TEC system does not store energy, it boosts pressure as gas is used.

If the hose from a propane tank to your sample preparation equipment is cut the tank will leak until it is empty. A G-TEC Torch Booster will sense the leak and turn itself off quickly.

If you are preparing XRF samples using propane you can be safer, save money and be more productive by switching to high pressure natural gas supplied by a G-TEC Torch Booster

Call G-TEC to learn more about replacing propane with a TB-125 Torch Booster for XRF sample preparation.

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