G-TEC Torch Boosters raise low pressure utility natural gas pressure as high as 150 psi and supply gas directly to torches in real time with no cylinders or storage.

TB-15/TB-30 Torch Boosters

Pressure up to 25 psi and flow at 15 or 40 cf/hour  Generally runs 1 torch

TB-60/TB-125 Torch Boosters

Pressure up to 25 psi and flow at 60 or 125 cf/hour  Generally runs 2 to 4 torches

TB-250/TB-500 Torch Boosters

Pressure up to 45 psi and flow at 250 or 500 cf/hour Generally runs 6 to 12 torches

Heavy Duty TB-125C-250C-500C

Torch Boosters

For applications with pressure requirement up to 60 psi, OR that run more than 16 hours a day OR are critical operations where downtime is very costly

TB-HVOF Torch Booster

Boost standard utility natural gas pressure to 150 psi for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Thermal Spray

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