High pressure natural gas is better for high velocity oxy fuel thermal spray

ASB Industries in Barberton, Ohio replaced propylene with high pressure natural gas and cut fuel gas costs by $10 per operating hour, eliminated downtime from gas reliquification in the spray gun and stopped refilling dozens of empty gas cylinders.

High pressure natural gas is an excellent fuel for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray, flame spray, combustion guns and similar metallizing applications.

Natural gas costs 75% less than propane or propylene for equal heat performance and it is much cleaner than liquid fuel gases.

And because natural gas is always a gas, never liquified, it will not re-liquify in your spray gun and force expensive downtime while the gun is cleaned.

There’s no need to store gas cylinder inventory because you are connected directly to the gas utility supply and coating quality is equal to slightly better than propane or propylene.

TB-HVOF is the right G-TEC Torch Booster to work with your HVOF system. It boosts low pressure utility service to 150 psi and will run a single Diamond Jet ™ and similar capacity systems.

Call G-TEC to learn more about replacing propane and propylene with high pressure natural gas.

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