Single Cylinder Never M-T Systems

Some torch applications don’t use a lot of gas most of the time, but sometimes they need a lot of gas for a short time. A Torch Booster that supplies high gas flow all the time is too expensive and can incur a lot of wear and tear without doing much work…

A Never M-T Refueler System is the solution!

How does a Never M-T Refueler System Work?

G-TEC Never M-T Systems use a Refueler and an Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinder to economically supply all the gas your torch needs, whether a lot or a little.

The Refueler system connects to a standard low-pressure utility gas pipe and fills a cylinder to 275 psi, then shuts itself off. The cylinder uses a regulator to reduce pressure from 275 psi to whatever pressure your application requires. When you light your torch gas flows from the cylinder and as you work the gas level in the cylinders falls. At a preset point, the Refueler turns itself back on, refills the cylinders to 275 psi then turns off again.

Once started the process is fully automatic and will repeat over and over as long as the Refueler is not turned off - it is like having a cylinder that never runs out of gas.

When is a Never M-T Refueler system a better choice than a Torch Booster?

Torch Boosters are designed for applications like cutting plate steel, thermal spray and brazing where the gas requirement is steady all day. Torch Boosters run all the time and must be sized for the highest gas flow the application might use.

Other applications run in cycles and gas may be used in only a portion of the cycle. Thermal deburring and removing flashings from injection molded plastic parts go through a number of steps and gas may be required for only a few seconds in a 2-minute cycle. Other applications like scientific glassblowing normally use gas at low flow volumes but sometimes need high gas flow for just a few minutes.

In these applications a Torch Booster would be running all the time even though gas is used only a small part of the time. You would need a larger more expensive Torch Booster to meet a high flow demand that occurs less than 10% of the time.

A Never M-T System balances cost and performance because it meets the demand for high flow gas when needed but the compressor only runs when the cylinders are being refilled. In addition to putting less war and tear on the compressor a Never M-T System is often much less expensive than the Torch Booster that would be required to supply peak gas flow volumes.

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