Shrinkwrap pallets faster with high pressure natural gas

When employees used portable propane tanks for shrink wrapping pallets on production lines they kept running out of gas. When one tank ran empty, instead of taking it out across the parking lot to fill it up on a cold winter day, they would grab the tank on the next line over, and eventually all the tanks were empty!

Now, with a TB-500 Torch Booster hi-pressure natural gas is manifolded throughout the shop, every production line has all the gas they need and no one ever runs out.

Use hi-pressure natural gas with your shrink wrap gun to get top performance, low cost and improved workplace safety. If your shrink wrapping equipment is in a stationary location, such as the end of a production line, then a G-TEC Torch Booster will provide a continuous supply of fuel gas - never run out of gas in the middle of the job and no empty gas cylinders to change. Natural gas is 75 % cheaper than propane for equal performance and the danger of storing large amounts of fuel gas in your building is eliminated.

After employees kept running out of propane for shrink wrapping on the shop floor Kennametal found a solution that never runs out of gas-

a G-TEC TB-500 Torch Booster!

Select the right G-TEC Torch Booster

TB-125 is the right Torch Booster for a single Model 975 or Model 998 Heat Tool

TB-250 is the right Torch Booster for 2 Model 975 or Model 998 Heat Tools

TB-500 is the right Torch Booster for up to 5 Model 975 or 3 Model 998 Heat Tools

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