Natural gas cuts through “anything” in a scrap yard and saves money too !

A Montreal scrap yard switched from propane to natural gas by mounting 7 G-TEC cylinders on a pallet and moving them to wherever they are needed - one pallet cuts for 3 days then the cylinders are refilled overnight. With a Refueler 180 Cylinder Filling System it takes only 4½ hours!

A G-TEC Refueler 180 Cylinder Filling System connects to a standard low pressure utility natural gas pipe and fills Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders to 275 psi. Cylinders are manifolded together for a gas supply that can last up to three days before they need to be refilled.

And when the cylinders are empty they can be refilled overnight so they are full and ready to go back to work the next morning. Filling G-TEC Cylinders is automatic and does not need an attendant to monitor the process or turn the Refueler off when the cylinders are full.

Both Refueler/Cylinder and Torch Booster systems work well for scrap yard  cutting- call G-TEC to learn more and see which system is right for you!

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