1 to 150 psi up to 500 scfh G-TEC can supply your Research & Development high pressure natural gas requirements

A G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster is just the equipment you need to supply high-pressure natural gas. If you can’t get the service you need from your gas utility and your pressure requirement is between 1-150 psi with a flow requirement up to 500 scfh then we can do the job!

G-TEC Gas Boosters are Certified by CSA International and are CE Compliant. They are welcomed in facilities where gas cylinders such as propane, propylene and acetylene are prohibited.

G-TEC Pressure Boosters have a small footprint and do not require expensive site preparation. Compared to other natural gas compressors a G-TEC system can be installed indoors right at the point of use. No need to have an outdoor concrete pad and lengthy, expensive welded piping to bring high-pressure gas to your application.

Call G-TEC and we will help you select the right Pressure Booster for your natural gas needs.

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If you need high-pressure natural gas for fuel cell research, testing motors, making nanotubes

or many other applications then a G-TEC Pressure Booster is the right solution.