Refueler 60 Cylinder Filling System

Just connect Refueler 60 to an Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinder and press the START button to begin the filling process.

Once started filling cylinders is automatic. Cylinders are pressurized to 275 psi and the Refueler 60 turns itself off without operator attention. Many G-TEC customers refill their cylinders overnight and start each morning with full natural gas supplies.

Refueler 60 can fill a single cylinder or as many as four at once with a G-TEC manifold. Cylinders attached for filling do not need to be completely empty, each cylinder can be at a different level of fullness - they will all be filled together and finish at the same time. Cylinders fill at a rate of one cubic foot per minute.

Refueler 60 is compact, just 20” wide, 18” deep and 16” tall - it weighs about 90 pounds. Electrical requirement is 120V 20 amp and there is a 230V 50Hz configuration available, as well. It is quiet, does not require any special site preparation and can be installed “anywhere” that is consistent with local codes and regulations for cylinder filling. The system includes a flexible 5’ hose for connection to a 3/4” gas pipe and a shutoff valve. Refueler 60 should be located in an area where temperatures range between 40F to 90F/22C to 32C.

CSA International Certifies Refueler 60 for performance, reliability and safety. In the United States it can be operated by anyone who has received proper safety training but does not require a special license or certificate.

Refueler 60 is CE Compliant for use in European Union countries.

Refueler 60 makes it simple to take high-pressure natural gas across the shop or across town.

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