How To Order A G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster

You can purchase G-TEC Systems directly from G-TEC or through one of our Distributors

   G-TEC sells direct to end user customers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Call for a Quotation - prices vary around the world.


In our jewelry markets our Distributors include:

Gesswein - / 800-243-4466

Landa International - 212-944-4944

Stuller - / 800-877-7777

Otto Frei - 800-772-3456

In our glass lampworking market our Distributor is:

ABR Imagery - /


For customers in China and the Asia Pacific region contact:

Sam K. Ho

Director of Business Development

G-TEC Natural Gas Systems

Hong Kong



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How To Order A G-TEC System

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