Messer Alfa and Turbo Flamecutting torches require a utility gas supply pressure between 25-28 psi. When the gas utility can’t deliver a G-TEC Torch Booster will do the job!

G-TEC Torch Boosters elevate standard utility gas pressure to 25+ psi for Messer cutting tables

The Edison Welding Institute says...

Natural gas is an excellent had less tendency to round the top edge of the cut and produced less slag or dross. Also, the dross that was produced...did not adhere as tightly to the plate and was more easily removed. No difference was found in cutting speed between acetylene and natural gas...

Using a cutting torch fueled by hi-pressure natural gas means cleaner cuts with less slag, less top edge rounding and less grinding for faster cleanup.

Compared to any other oxy-fuel cutting torch, such as an acetylene torch or a propane torch, natural gas gives top performance at lower cost with similar piercing and cut travel speeds.


Cut your fuel gas costs up to 90% when you switch from acetylene or propane to high pressure natural gas!

Get rid of cylinders and never run out of fuel with a G-TEC Torch Booster

TB-60 is the right Torch Booster for 1 torch

TB-125 is the right Torch Booster for 2 torches

TB-250 is the right Torch Booster for 4 torches

TB-500 is the right Torch Booster for 8 torches

Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for your Messer cutting table

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