High Pressure Natural Gas Is The Best Choice For Jewelry Manufacturing

If you use acetylene, propane or low pressure natural gas from the gas utility pipe

you will be surprised by the superior performance of high-pressure natural gas!

Utility natural gas pressure is only ¼ psi in most places but your torch is designed to work best at pressures between 3-7 psi. While you can light the torch with city gas service manufacturers recommend higher natural gas pressure when it is available. It is like the difference between cutting with a sharp knife compared to a dull knife.

Cast platinum with high pressure natural gas!

Platinum melts at 3,300F and by boosting natural gas pressure to 10-15 psi you will get plenty of heat for high-quality casting results.

Natural gas burns at more than 5,000F but you need plenty of gas volume to put the maximum heat on the metal. Higher pressure means more gas flow and better heat transfer to platinum and all karats of gold.

Platinum casters report better results when heating with natural gas; there is less stress on the metal, less porosity and an overall better quality cast.

Work safely by using torch flashback arrestors

If your torch is connected to the utility natural gas pipe OSHA and local fire codes require you to use combination flashback arrestor check valves to protect the gas meter from a torch flashback. A check valve alone isn’t enough to be safe.

The problem is that flashback arrestor check valves need at least 1 psi gas pressure to work properly, otherwise they block gas flow.

With high pressure natural gas from a G-TEC Torch Booster there is enough pressure to make the flashback arrestor check valve work properly, and still provide a robust flame on the torch.

Select the right Torch Booster for your shop!

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Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for your application!


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