Hot, Hot, Hot…High Pressure Natural Gas For Pre/Post Weld Heating, Bending, Heat Treat

You don’t need expensive fuel gases or gas additives for quick pre-weld heating when you have natural gas available from a G-TEC Natural Gas Booster.

A torch fueled with natural gas has a large bulbous flame that actually has more BTUs than acetylene so it is perfect for heating large areas. The bigger the item being heated the better natural gas performs.

Natural gas costs half as much as acetylene and 75 % less than propane or propylene. Best of all there are no limits on withdrawal rates (acetylene is limited to 15 psi) and no icing of the cylinder valve that is common with liquid fuel gases.

A G-TEC Gas Booster is directly connected to the utility gas supply so you never run out and don’t have to change cylinders in the middle of a big job!

We put two torches on opposite sides of a large tube and torch with Chemolene and the other torch with just natural gas at 18 psi.

After 30 minutes the natural gas side was

120-130F hotter!

Select the right G-TEC Torch Booster for your heating application

TB-60 - pressure up to 25  psi and 60,000 BTU/hr

TB-125 - pressure up to 25 psi and 125,000 BTU/hr

TB-250 - pressure up to 45 psi and 300,000 BTU/hr

TB-500 - pressure up to 45 psi and 550,000 BTU/hr

If you heat with a Belchfire torch, touch here for more information

Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for your application!


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