Use high pressure natural gas for Flame Plasma Surface Treatment

Get rid of propane tanks and use a G-TEC Torch Booster to supply high pressure natural gas to flame treat plastic surfaces for printing, painting or adhesion

Natural gas is up to 75 % cheaper than propane for equal heat

Improve workplace safety by removing propane cylinders

No offensive propane odor

Best of all…you never run out of gas and don’t have to change empty cylinders!!

Fire officials want you to remove propane cylinders Across the US and Canada fire safety officials are asking businesses to remove propane tanks from buildings because the stored gas is a danger if there is a fire or other emergency.

One 100 lb propane tank has the energy equivalent of more that 2,591,000 wooden kitchen matches-certain to make matters worse in a fire. G-TEC Torch Boosters raise city gas pressure and supply gas to your flame treatment torch as gas is used, Torch Boosters don’t store any gas.

Never change cylinders and never run out of gas ! G-TEC Torch Boosters connect to your low pressure utility natural gas pipe (supply pressure from ¼ psi to 5 psi) and raise pressure as high as 45 psi. Torch Boosters supply high pressure natural gas as it is used. There are no storage cylinders and the Booster is ready to work as soon as it is turned on.

Save money with high pressure natural gas - for equal heat natural gas can be as much as 75 % less expensive than propane. Pay for natural gas after you use it, not when it is delivered!

Picking the right Torch Booster is a matter of knowing how much gas you need when all of your systems are running - call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for your shop!


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