If you’re not comfortable using acetylene or propane cylinders for Dental Casting replace them with high pressure natural gas from a G-TEC TB-30 Torch Booster

A G-TEC TB-30 Torch Booster connects to a standard low-pressure utility natural gas pipe and boosts pressure as high as 25 psi for superior casting. Natural gas burns at the same temperature as propane but is cleaner, costs half as much and with a G-TEC Torch Booster you never have to refill empty cylinders. Turn the Booster on and you are ready to start casting!

If you cast with propane you can keep using the torch you already own. If you cast with acetylene keep the torch handle and change the tip.

A G-TEC Torch Booster TB-30 can be installed “anywhere” - it does not need ventilation, it is quiet and small. In most cases you can remove your propane tank and put the G-TEC system right in the same place. It runs on standard 120V 15 amp power from a normal wall outlet.

TB-30 Torch Booster does not store any gas - it boosts pressure as the torch uses gas. It is ready for service as soon as you turn it on.

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G-TEC Torch Boosters are welcomed in any building in North America, even places where cylinders of propane and acetylene are prohibited! After learning about G-TEC one Colorado Fire Marshal exclaimed,

“This is a fireman’s dream!”