Take high pressure natural gas across the shop or across town

Now the advantages of high-pressure natural gas are portable - G-TEC Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders let you take 275 psi natural gas anywhere!

G-TEC natural gas cylinders have many advantages compared to the cylinder you use today -

Make your workplace safer -

G-TEC cylinders are safer than acetylene or propane cylinders - safer than any cylinder you use today. During testing full G-TEC cylinders were shot with bullets near an open flame but did not catch fire or explode. Full cylinders were detonated with half sticks of dynamite but did not rupture or explode. G-TEC cylinders reduce the risk of accidents from carelessness or ignorance and make your workplace safer.

G-TEC NG-130 cylinders hold 130 cubic feet of natural gas at 275 psi.

Physical Characteristics

Capacity - 130 cubic feet

Height (with cap) - 48.5”

Diameter - 12”

Weight - 130-175 LB

CGA 510 female valve

275 psi maximum fill pressure


G-TEC cylinders are built to US Department of Transportation 4B300 and 4BA300 specifications. Each cylinder features a 450 psi spring loaded relief valve and 212F fusible plug. Valve fitting is CGA 510 for a standard regulator.

Certification Requirements

G-TEC cylinders are Approved by the US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada. They require a visual inspection by a certified inspector every 10 years (5 years in Canada). No hydrostatic test is required. Inspect for dents, corrosion, gouges, bulges and other safety related defects.

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