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When the United Association of Plumbers Local 501 near Chicago switched from acetylene to hi-pressure natural gas to teach medical gas and refrigeration brazing, their apprentices started passing their exams 25% sooner!

Why natural gas is better than acetylene for brazing

Natural gas has a bulbous flame that has more heat in the secondary flame than acetylene - it wraps the work and distributes heat more evenly around the entire joint

More even heating reduces the potential for oxidation defects

Fewer melt-throughs and base metal heat related defects

Braze rod flows more smoothly and fills more completely

Little free carbon in natural gas reduces “fisheye” defects

Less porous brazes

Brazers say a natural gas flame is softer and easier to control

Cut your fuel gas costs in half when you switch from acetylene or propane to high pressure natural gas!

Get rid of cylinders and never run out of fuel with a G-TEC Torch Booster

TB-30 is the right Torch Booster for 1 torch

TB-60 is the right Torch Booster for 2 torches

TB-125 is the right Torch Booster for 4 torches

TB-250 is the right Torch Booster for 6 torches

TB-500 is the right Torch Booster for 12 torches

Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for you!


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