“It’s one of the more reliable things I have in my shop.”

…is what one Meineke Muffler franchisee said about his G-TEC Torch Booster.

More than 400 major muffler repair shops in the US and Canada, including Midas, Meineke, Car-X, Mavis, Speedy Muffler King and others use G-TEC systems to save money and improve safety. One shop owner says, “You don’t run out of gas and you have no loose tanks, so its safer.”

Natural gas is cheap, there are no cylinders to move or change and a G-TEC Torch Booster never runs out of gas!

A G-TEC Torch Booster boosts utility natural gas up to 15 psi for quick cutting, heating, bending and many other shop jobs. Turn the Torch Booster on in the morning and forget it! When you light a torch you get a steady gas supply, when no torches are lit the system automatically puts itself into recirculation mode - turn it off when you go home at night.

G-TEC recommends the TB-30 Torch Booster for smaller shops and TB-60 / TB-125 Torch Boosters for shops with 2 or more torches.

Call G-TEC to learn more and see which Torch Booster is right for your shop!


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