High Performance Torch Applications With High Pressure Natural Gas

Cut Costs Up To 80% - Better Quality Work - Be More Productive - Make Your Workplace Safer

Never Run Out Of Gas!

Auto Repair

Belchfire Torch

Brazing Copper Pipe / Silver Soldering

Dental Laboratory Casting

Flame Cutting

Flame Plasma Surface Treatment

Fuel Cell Research & Development

Glass Lampworking

Glazed Hams

Heating (for welding and bending, not furnaces)

Jewelry Manufacturing

Messer ALFA Torches

NC Tool Forge

Research & Development

Ripack Brand Shrink Wrap Heat Tools

Scrap Yards

Shrinkfast Brand Heat Tools

Thermal Spray / HVOF / Flame Spray

XRF Sample Preparation

Additional High Pressure Natural Gas Applications

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Refueler Cylinder Filling Systems

Adsorbed Natural Gas Cylinders

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