When your company is in Phase I or Phase II product development you want a reliable source of high pressure natural gas capable of meeting a wide range of pressure and flow requirements.

When testing duty cycles or running evaluations lasting thousands of hours you need a system that will perform reliably for extended time frames.

A G-TEC Natural Gas Pressure Booster provides a ready supply of high pressure natural gas in a system that is less expensive to purchase, easier to get permitted and installed and simpler to operate.

Many natural gas compressors

are big and must be installed

outdoors on a dedicated concrete

pad. Extensive piping is required

to bring high pressure natural gas

to the point where it will be used,

adding cost and complexity.

By comparison a G-TEC pressure booster is small and can be installed right in the area where high pressure natural gas will be used. There are no special site preparation requirements or costs.

Fuel cell research Outdoor compressors are expensive to install TB-250/TB-500 Torch Boosters TB-60/TB-125 Torch Boosters TB-15/TB-30 Torch Boosters

TB-15 / TB-30

Pressure Boosters

for pressure up to 25 psi and flow up to 40 scfh

TB-60 / TB-125

Pressure Boosters

for pressure up to      25 psi and flow up to 125 scfh

TB-250 / TB-500

Pressure Boosters

for pressure up to    45 psi  and flow up to 500 scfh

Heavy Duty Pressure Boosters

for for pressure up to 150 psi and flow up to 500 scfh.

Use a G-TEC Pressure Booster to provide a high-pressure natural gas infrastructure for research and development

G-TEC designs and builds custom Natural Gas Pressure Boosters that conform to the unique operating requirements of your commercial fuel cell product

G-TEC designs and builds custom natural gas pressure booster systems that match your fuel cell’s requirements for low parasitic power demand, compact component layout, lengthy maintenance intervals and long service life.

Fuel cell manufacturers know that natural gas is an excellent source of hydrogen but may not be able to get the exact high pressure natural gas source they need. Many compressors on the market are the wrong size, use too much power, don’t boost gas pressure high enough or have other constraints that make them the wrong choice for your product.

G-TEC has the resources and know-how to build a natural gas pressure booster that is right for your fuel cell. G-TEC Pressure Boosters conform to the electrical infrastructure and regulatory environments of North America, Europe and Asia.

If you are building a stationary fuel cell for CHP, emergency backup or other fixed-location service, tell us your operating parameters and let G-TEC work with you to develop the right size, right performance and right cost natural gas pressure booster.

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- 50% less expensive than large, outdoor compressors

- CSA Certified, easy permitting process

- Complies with CE Voltage, Electromechanical Compatibility,        Pressure and Machinery Directives

- Ready for immediate use when started, no stored gas

- Simple indoor installation at point of use

1 to 150 psi/10 bar up to 500 scfh/235 lpm

G-TEC can supply your high pressure

natural gas requirements

We have a G-TEC Torch Booster to match your high pressure natural gas requirements