Refuelers let you fill

G-TEC cylinders with high

pressure natural gas

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Pressure Booster

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Torch Boosters

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How can you use hi-pressure natural gas?

Click on your application to learn how hi-pressure natural gas will work for you !

Auto Repair - Belchfire Torch  - Brazing Copper Pipe / Silver Soldering

Dental Laboratory Casting - Flame Cutting - Flame Plasma Surface Treatment

Glass Lampworking - Glazed Hams - Heating - Jewelry Manufacturing -

Messer ALFA Torches - NC Tool Forge - Scrap Yards

Shrink Wrap - Thermal Spray / HVOF / Flame Spray - XRF Sample Preparation

Other Torch Applications

Natural Gas Cylinders

hold high volumes of

natural gas at only 275 psi

No matter how you use it natural gas has 4 important benefits:

Save money - natural gas is up to 80% cheaper than acetylene, half the cost of propane

Better quality work - whether you cut plate steel, braze cooper pipe or glaze ham, natural gas works better

Be more productive - no time wasted changing fuel gas cylinders and never run out at a critical time

Make your workplace safer - natural gas is safer than any other fuel gas and you get stored gas out of your building

G-TEC Systems are

Approved across the

US and Canada

Flame cutting plate steel with high-pressure natural gas